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last entry [31 Jan 2002|01:32pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i have decided to retire this journal for undisclosed reasons. no not really. i just thought that sounded pritty rad.

but yeah, i am retiring this journal. i made a new one but i am not going to post it on here. to the friends that i have, u know what the new one is. i will still check back here every now n then, just in case. if anyone wants to know my new journal name, leave a comment in here. i'll be sure to email u.

and to the awesome chicks who posted in my comments who stuck up fer me and such, when u get yer journal (if u need a code, ask me. i FINALLY figured out how to get one. lol), leave a comment in here and i'll add u to my list.

thanx. i'm out.

<3 gwen

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*sad face* [29 Jan 2002|09:56pm]
[ mood | worried ]

amy and i saw orange county after skewling today. we were the only 2 in the whole theatre. lol. it was kool. it was a good movie too. i enjoyed it. :D. amy said she saw rick in skewl yesterday. i haven't seen him a week and a half. *sad face*. i miss the lil fuker.

i was chatting up a storm w/ other amber today in s/h and we got to talking about adam n shiznet. she told me how he is still doing drugs and how she told him flat out that he is gunna die soon and he din even care. that made me so sad. granted i have not been the nicest person to adam in the 3.5 yrs i've known him (only fer not going out w/ him and shtuff) but.. i dunno. i suddenly miss him a lot. i miss having him in my presense. i guess just b/c he was like right there for all those yrs and would do anything fer me. then all of sudden, he drops out of skewl and leaves my life. i dunno. i really miss the kid and it hurt me a lot to know that he doesn't even give 2 shyts about dying.

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[28 Jan 2002|09:28pm]
[ mood | okay ]


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rah rah [27 Jan 2002|08:29pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

worked sat n sunday. pritty good times i must say. sat i wurked from 3-8 w/ ahmed, abdoul, marissa and marci. i din take my break till 6:30 and marissa got out at 7. she wanted to go down to tj-maxx so me n her took marci's car down there in our mcd's gear. haha. it was grand. i was 15 min late from my break but no one cared. marissa doesn't even have her lisense. lol. but iz allll good. today i wurked 9-2. alfie, marissa and dave wurked too. i ate food all day. w00t.

i nearly freaked out thurs morning when i saw pat's pik in the paper. he's SO drop dead gorgeous. i have been fasinating over this boi since the first day of my freshman year. over 3 1/2 yrs ago. wowie.

<3 gorgeous ey?

the guy that i had my lil "affair" thingy w/, gave me a massage recently. and wow. is he gooooood. haha. but it was totally in a non-sexual way. i only mentioned that b/c i am still tingly. =)

blah. i am about to bid on yer more shtuff from eBay. eek. i know i said i would completely stop for a month but i'm sorry. i just can't. i am 101% addicted.

check out the shtuff ima buy tonite! =-XCollapse )

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roar [25 Jan 2002|07:58pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i had an AMAZING day. it was awesome. first 2 periods were s/h's. well, A1 was and A2 was english but my teacher was absent so it basically was. A3 was my first day of changing for gym. amy is in my class and she is one the only 3 ppl i can act like myself around, so we had fun. even tho we had to do aerobics and run n junk. and there's only 1 semi-hott guy in our class and he's a freshy so i never see him. A4 was algebra 2 advanced and usually that class sux titties. but we got to wurk our assigned groups. me, andrea n meghan r in a group together. we had effin tons of fun. hehe. it was ghetto friday today in that class and we up names for each other. meghan was 2-jigga-k, andrea was A-aight, and i was B-Iz-Nitch. lol. u had to be there. it was great. amy had given me her pretzels before and i was hyper, so when i was done i dumped all the salt on my paper and when mr j (andrea re-named him m-r jigga-j. lol) came around, he asked me wtf i was doing. haha. but it was fun. lotts of. then i went to wurk. was in grill for 1/2 an hour. :). then i got put up front. jodi was closing, marissa, ahmed and abdoul were all there. so we had fun like usual. no hott bois like pat err rick came in tho. :(. which suked but it din bring down my day. i just had such a greeeeeat day. yeah! hehe.


PLUS, my dad told me that if ND comes to the meadows this summer/spring (like april-sep), he can 101% get me front row AND backstage. i almost died. :). cuz orville and rich wurk there along w/ all my dads other biker friends. so i am hella excited. eek!

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yeah yeah [23 Jan 2002|05:48pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

i'm really stoked. that 400 wurd exam i mentioned earlier... my teacher interupted my class tues morning to tell me i got an A. eek! awesome err what? then i went to law n justice after skewl to find out what i got on the final test/exam and my total grade for the class: 88, 91. boo-fucking-ya. this shyt will hike up my GPA so my NC, SC and VA colleges will want me. i hope. hehe. my mom is moving out again friday. joy. [sarcasim]. first day of gym today. ugh. there's like 3746238746 freshman in the class. arg. it sux. me, amy and like 6 others r the only seniors. nate is there tho. ^wink wink^. naw. my lil crush on him was so last year. wow. valley girl much? envy.nu is being a whore. so my site isn't wurking. blah. i don't think jay likes me anymore. or maybe he is just laying off. finally taking the hint. he isn't all flirty w/ me like usual. he's a lot more distant now. anywaze, my mom is listening to nickelback. shweet. i went to frankies today. mmm. yummies. me n amy were gunna go c orange county. we talked about it in gym but we got sidetracked on sumthing lame and never actually made out the plans. i wanted to go too. grr.

i wanna go talk to mr jemes tomorrow [prom committee leader] and talk about how i want him or another administrator to count up prom kween votes. i know i'm not gunna win but i at least wanna know i have a fair chance. i don't think that's too much to ask. it's about time the winner of the prom kween is ACTUALLY the winner. last yr the chick who counted the votes won. hmm. sounds fishy, ey? i din go, but jen was nominated and she even told me that sooooo many ppl said they voted for her or one of the other grrls and not the chick who won. i just think it should be fair for once. i wanna actually stand a chance.


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eek! [22 Jan 2002|06:32pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

my "new" site is all up and running. not completely complete... but enof to take a gander at.

check it out!!

and sign the gbook while yer at it. make me feel more special than i am. :D thankies!!

<3 rick <3 aww!

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<3 smitten like a kitten <3 [19 Jan 2002|10:18pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

i'm so goddam smitten over rick. he came into mcd's today and we were all flirty. and he dropped the money on the counter and made me pick it up. lol. it was cute. he was w/ sum chick but ima humor myself and pretend it was his sis. he's so adorable. and i asked him if it was for here or to go, and he said really quick "here." usually he leaves. but he stayed this time. :) i told jodi and she looked at him, and he caught her. so i think he knew i was telling her suttin about him. <3. and even when he left, he went out the opp way he came in and he waved bye to me. aww. i'm soooo effin smitten over that boi. <3. it feels so awesome.

we literally had a snowball fight inside mcd's today. diane (the big boss) started it too. it was fun. i made a mini snowman w/ m&m eyes and jodi(the manager.. my fave one) let me take him home. i named him jonnie. i took a cup full of snow and jodi told me to put orange hi-c liquid shtuff in it and it would make an orange slushi type thingy. it was good. mmm snow.

mmm rick.

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<3 [18 Jan 2002|06:58pm]
[ mood | loved ]

rick gave me a hug today. ^floats away on cloud^. i was walking from vocab dev (our last day. we took a 400 question test. omg it was long. we had to literally know 400 words and the def's. ah!!!) to math. ick. and rick was walking down the hall w/ his arm around sum grrl. his current ho-ey gf, i'm guessing. and he gives me a high five, then as we pass directly by each other, he swings around and turns me around and puts his arm around me. his gf got pissed and took off and he didn't even say anything. he was like "yeah i'm mackin it." and i laughed. we walked down the hall a bit and i said.. "i kinda have to go the other way." and he's like.. "ahhh okay. gimmie a hug." and i did. ugh. i want that boi. ^purrs^. haha. the total highlite of my shytty day. :D

dom called me at 7am this morning. to make a long story short, he din even say hi. he says "i gotta ask u a question." and he asks me, "what would u say to one of yer friends if they came up to u, and asked u if u think that they should go out w/ me?" i was like, wtf. so i went off on him. ya know, he neglects to call or even glance at me in the halls for a week and has the effin balls to ask me that. and he's such a pussy. he wouldn't even tell me who my "friend" is. ugh i hate my friends. me and bekki have an idea who it is. i wouldn't be surprised at all. besides the fact that this grrl would alwaze tell me to dump dom and that he was such a piece of shyt and he was simply no good. so if it's her... bam. ima be a taaaaaaad bit pissed. but whatever. only a few more months w/ these lame ass ppl, whore ass ho's, and fake as shyt ppl in this town. and i can't wait.

jay keeps thinking that i wanna spend my every free moment w/ him. ugh.. no. he asked me if i wanted to do anything tonite and i said "no. i don't feel like it." and he says "well, we can just hang out and go to my house." err sum shyt like that. and i say sumthing like no i don't want to. and he keeps on trying. c'mon. take a goddam hint. i don't wanna be mean to the kid. i'm not like that, but lay the fuk off. i am not interested! he knows i don't want a bf, under any circumstances. he knows i don't wanna fuk around w/ anyone. he knows and still he keeps trying. take a fuken hint. ugh. i am so aggravated. grr.

and then... kirk. come to find out, 5 days after i broke up w/ him, he asks out amy brenton. (she's my buddy but he didn't know that.) so she breaks up w/ him b/c he's gross. (hehe). THEN, i set him up w/ my friend leanne. she liked him a lot. i hooked them up. but this was b4 i knew about amy. THEN, i find out 2 days ago that kirk is going out w/ hollie too. and he's playing leanne. um.. no. leanne can't get ahold of kirk to dump his ass b/c he's ignoring her. and this is the same kid, who about 5 days ago, i talked w/, and he complained how he was sooooo lonely and how he missed me soooo much. blah blah blah. effin liar. he's lucky he din cheat on me. i told him straight out b4hand, if he ever cheats me, i'll rip off his fuqen balls. and i swear i would. so yeah. kirk's a dirtbag 14 yr old. sad ey?

i just realized each of those paragraphs was about a diff guy. heh.

i also got my senior portrait of the whole class of 2002. me and marilyn r dead center and i am wearing bright p!nk. haha. it's great. i figured out to wurk my camera finally. amy showed me. i wanna get a foto of me and rick together. i think i'll try for it next week. it's not like i would ever go out w/ him even if i did want a bf. it's just nice to have a crush and such. hehe. especially when i know that he is interested at least a lil bit, but i know he ain't getting nuttin. haha. :) and blink's new vid came out today for ^first date^. the vid is fun-nay. i had to watch trl to see it tho. ugh that show is hella teeny boppy. eck.

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misfit, i sit, lit up .w.i.c.k.e.d. [16 Jan 2002|09:16pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

eh boring day i guess. nuttin exciting enof that i remember anywaze. so blah. i have nothing to post about. wait.. yes i do. i am making a new site. yeah. i'm sure everyone gives a rats ass. here's sum ugly pix i took yesterday. joy.

more grossnessCollapse )

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heh [13 Jan 2002|11:34am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

... ok go to this link and stare at the pik. it may take about 30 secs to see the hidden picture but it's totally worth it.

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being sick sux sooo much mother effin ass [12 Jan 2002|12:31pm]
[ mood | sick ]

ugh i think i got food posioning from kfc, of all places. goddam. my second fave restaurant tried to kill me. damn them. yeah i was all.. vomiting yesterday and i am telling u, throwing up is NASTY! ugh like u din already know that. i hate it. i hate it. i hate it. i dunno how those bilemic (sp) chix do it. i would just die. yuckies. eww. sorry. enof of that...

supposed to go to wurk today but i can't really stand up for longer than 4 minutes. which blows. missed out on skewlin yesterday. i haven't missed a day since sophmore year. that's over a year and a half. wowies. yeah. so i am home, watching every single lame tv show on earth. i wish today was at least sunday so i could have me sum lifetime movies to watch all day. but nooooo. saturdays suk. suk suk suk. i missed like 5 auctions on eBay that i despretly wanted to win. ugh. but o well. saves me sum cash that i am not currently making at wurk.. due to lack of going. life sux. blah.

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ho today, "norm" tomorrow [07 Jan 2002|07:51pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

sick all weekend. blah. it suked. altho, i did manage to get my pix taken @ wal-mart. this chik there, michelle i think, was SOOO effin nice. i swear. i love her. hehe. she was funny and she was just great. lol. yeah. when i got home that evening till 6:am this morning, was pure hell. ugh i hate being sick. no one even came to visit me. *wipes tears from face*. yeah so today i found out GREEEEEAT news. mary is real good friends w/ dario. but when i told her that i thought he was unbelievably gorgeous, she seemed.. a lil angry in her lil mary way. i was like shyt. if mary likes dario, then even tho i have 101% no chance w/ him, i wouldn't be able to anywaze if she likes him. ugh damn that friends rule!! she told me a few interesting things about him that i shouldn't mention on here.. but yeah. he's sooooo gorgeous. so so so so so gorgeous. eek! lol. but i think she seemed a bit mad when she found out i was/am interested. DAMN! grr. but it's aight. i know i don't have a chance in hell but it's great to hope. anywaze, yeah i am still sick and i hate it. i dressed like a ho today in skewl and no one even caught me. (principle wise). i wore my pink fishnet shirt w/ only a bra underneath. and my small white lucky 13 shirt over it but it was sooo unbuttoned. hehe. i like to feel like a ho sumtimes. boo-ya. :D

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pink boas r &$%@$^&**&##!!!!!! [04 Jan 2002|09:11pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

-it's friday. w00t.
-me and jen made up. i am very happy about that. just like she said, chix over dicks. and how true that is.
-went to the mall yesternite w/ jay. here's twat i got w/ $80...
^ rainbow shoelaces
^ yellow bandana
^ pink camo bandana
^ neat lil rainbowy "raverish" bracelet
^ blk shirt that reads *i wanna rock* and has a lightning bolt on it.. boo-ya!
^ staind poster. mmm
^ awesome awesome awesome jim morrison poster
^ skull belt. it's hella huge. like 48''. yeah that's sooo gunna fit me. haha
^ XXX straightedge pin
^ this!!!!

((it's really neon pink tho. i have a blk one coming in on eBAy too. hehe. i *heart* boas :D))
^ bought arby's. mmm
^ pink skull backpatch
^ "loser" patch
- what else happened?.. hmmp... oh yes, jay bought me a pack of 24 giant slim jims!! yes!!!
- i FINALLY saw what dario looks like. he came into mcd's today. and OM-fuqen-G! he's gorgeous. te-he. i know i went to middle skewl w/ him (dave says we did) but i never really payed attention to anyone besides ben winter. ugh. horrible memories. eck. but dario is soooo gorgeous. eek! :D. i am like a lil 10 yr girl that is going crazy over the backdoor boys. eww. but yeah. he's hott :) :) :)
- dom's an asshole but what else is new.
- crystal came into mcd's w/ kyle's gf, sarah. they both r so nice. hehe
- my attbi email won't work. ugh!! i am so fed up w/ it. that's my eBay email too. i need to access that sooooooo badly. grr!!!
- i'm hungry.
- i might zzz zzz over amy's tom nite. maybe. but i dunno if i feel like getting up @ 5am to go work at her ma's store. pfft. would u?
- i'm still hungry so bye-e :D

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[none thank kew] [02 Jan 2002|08:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

anyone feeling a tad bit depressed lately? if so, fear no more. i have sumthing that will make u piss yer pants laughing. ah u guys r gunna enjoy this one. heh. i was just looking thro friends journal entries and i found one by jo and she wrote a lil sumthing about this. i cheked it out, and thought it was worthy of posting. so thank kew jo, cuz this was funny indeed. heh.

ready for a good ol' laugh? hahahaha

she was right.. i guess dumbass ppl like this really do exist.

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*achoo!* [31 Dec 2001|10:16pm]
[ mood | cold ]

went to that lame ass family xmas "par-tay". it suked monkey tits like usual. but me, uncle kenny and (i think he's my uncle..) tom were making fun of every person there. we cracked on the rich snobby group and the drunk lady and even sum of the retarded ass kids. (not retarded literally. gawd i'm not that mean. shucks.) that part was fun.
bought hair dye today when i went shopping w/ the krazee g-ma. i din know they made orange manic panic. i just thought i would hafta mix the red/yellow together... but they soooo make orange hair dye. so i bought it. i also got purrple hair dye too. and...
-this sweet ass nail polish. well, i had the orange already. but yeah.
so now my hair is purrple. the front at least. got rid of that horrible red/green. ugh what was i thinking?! ah yes. xmas spirit. ((note to self- remind to not have xmas spirit in 2002)).
awww.. how cute. blah. i am in the taking foto mood today. go me. i'm sure u allll wanna see me. ick.
i also "hung out" w/ dom today. he got new speakers in his car and a cd player. it's neat-o. and i met his friend mike who is very nice. te-he. yeah i'm lame. oh yeah...


:D :D :D :D yah! :D :D :D :D

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mmm froot loops.... ^drools^ [29 Dec 2001|07:32pm]
[ mood | productive ]

made a new pair-a pants today. they r mad phat yo. but seriously, they r. they r sumthing i can picture my gwen wearing. but i made them up. haha. yeah they r too... hmm.. to describe. my dad's making me go to the fam xmas par-tay tomorrow. and also tomorrow, is my first day back to wurk. blah. 9-1. so not that bad. i need to dye my hair. i hafta get this crappy red/green shyt out. ugh i hate it w/ a passion. if my dad agrees, which he prolly won't, after wurk i wanna go buy purrple manic panic and dye my bangs b4 the par-tay. i doubt it tho. ugh whatever. watched that bon jovi behind the music again. wow i *heart* them. they r one of those ^back in the day^ bands that i love dearly like GNR and poison. the good shiznet. yeah i am blabbing on again. eBay effin rox.

( just a grrl)

w00t!! [28 Dec 2001|05:47pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

..maybe i'll actually follow thro on this one. hehe.

( just a grrl)

^sniffle^- runny noses r fer the birds. [28 Dec 2001|03:19pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

ugh i had this whole ass thing typed out and grr. ok, well i FINALLY won that gnr shirt i've been wanting for like.. ever on eBay. granted, it did cost me over $32 but the shirt is awesome as hell. heh.

my dad took me to wendy's today. eek. it was yummy, besides the fact that they jipped me out a chicken nugget and put cheese on my hamburger. my webcam is wurking beautifully now. hehe. i took a pik of my shoes!!! take a peek.. this link better wurk or envy.nu is gunna get a piece of me in their face.

my shoez!! w00t.

yeah.. i'm touched.

( just a grrl)

toodles n oodles of cheese [26 Dec 2001|07:04pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

just sitting here waiting for my goddam pizza to arrive. grr. i ordered at least an hour ago. i am hella pissed. anywaze.. here's what i got, so far, for xmas...

*sewing machine w/ all the lil things along w/ it (needles, thread etc)

*not anothher teen movie sndtrk

*2 doors cd's. eek! i *heart* the doors <3

*a few shirts (slut-tay ones. w00t)

*bath n body shtuff

*shoes. i piked em out. ugh they r f'n GREAT!! i'll post a pik asap

*$30 gc to strawberries

*a safety pin/watch thingy.. lol. don't ask

*$80 camera. it's neat-o :O)

*webcam!!!!! it's for the whole family but i think of it as alllll mine. hehe.

*$40 check that i can't cash till 1/3/02

*money n shiznet

so i am perdy happy. not as big of an xmas as i've previously had but it's all good. so what did everyone else get? i am anxious (sp.. i think) to know. :D

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